Flyover Bridge Pier

05 May 2013
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Flyover Bridge Pier is situated along the northwest cliff of Yellow Stone Village in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. 6 oval pillars, rising to more than 200m above the sea level, line up in the 3000m gully between the Yellow Stone Village and Yuanjiajie in the north-south direction. The pillar size and distance are equivalent, and the tops of pillars are shaped in platform, just like a row of bridge pier under construction. Two piers in the middle are relatively higher, and the piers at both sides are decreased gradually. Pillar tops are connected in an arch, solemn and imposing. Under the pier, the riverbed has been dried up. There are jagged rocks of grotesque shapes and sparse trees, seeming like wild and desolate. Clouds fill with the gully in raining days. Piers disappear and reappear as a furious billow. While it is sunny in the east and rainy in the west, gorgeous and magnificent rainbow seems to be a north-south bridge, forming a wonderful sight along with piers. It is thus graphically called as “Flyover Bridge Pier”.

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